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Les subordonnées circonstancielles

La subordonnée circonstancielle est, en règle générale, mobile et supprimable.

1. Circonstancielles de temps

As soon as you will have finished we will go out.

2. Circonstancielles de lieu

I have a dog in my house.

3. Circonstancielles de but

You will wait him until he gives you back the book.

4. Circonstancielles de cause

He won’t wait for you because he will be on the train of five o’clock

5. Circonstancielles d’opposition ou de concession

You are enjoying yourself noisily where as I am working

6. Circonstancielles d’hypothèse

If it is sunny, we will go out.

7. Circonstancielles de conséquence

He works so much that he will have finished earlier